Our Favorite Free Tools for Digital Organizers

Good digital organizing makes your campaign shine and moves your audience to action. Luckily for campaigns and organizations on a tight budget, you don’t need to have deep pockets to create professional-quality digital organizing content.

There are many high-quality tools and resources available online for free — from rich graphic design programs to handy widgets and online guides — and they're making digital organizing easier and more accessible than ever.

Here's a list of some of our favorite free tools and resources for digital organizers.

Graphic Design:

Canva is a popular, user-friendly design tool with tons of features and flexibility. The drag-and-drop format preloaded with photos, vector images, graphics, and fonts makes designing high-quality graphics for social media beyond hassle-free. The online platform saves all of your designs in one place for easy editing and team collaboration.

Piktochart is perfect for creating infographics, charts, and maps, and for turning those graphics into slide presentations or flyers. Piktochart has fewer features than Canva, but that also makes it easier to learn and less overwhelming.

Imgflip is a quick and easy meme generator. Just upload a photo and type in the text to get that signature all-caps Impact-font meme look.

Stock Photos:

Unsplash and Pexels are both great sources for large collections of easily searchable, high-quality, non-cheesy stock photos that are free to use with no attribution required.

Picnoi features beautiful stock photos of people of color, who tend to be underrepresented in stock photos. The site unfortunately doesn't have a search function; if you're looking for something specific, try entering the keyword you want to search in the URL like this: https://picnoi.com/tag/yourkeywordhere.

WOC in Tech Chat has stock photos of women of color working in tech, an especially underrepresented category. These are free but require attribution.

Social Media:

Sprout Social’s Landscape is a powerful, intuitive tool that lets you easily resize and crop your image for different social media platforms.

Sprout Social's Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes is exactly what the title suggests. Check here if you're not sure whether your graphics and images are appropriately sized for the platform of your choice. Sprout Social has a similar guide for Video Specs.

Hashtagify offers a free hashtag search tool that helps you find related hashtags so your tweets can reach a wider audience.

Facebook itself also has a few essential tools to make your image posts and ads on the platform more successful, including the Facebook Debugger. The Debugger lets you double-check that your social share card looks right, and refreshes your share image or text. If you've changed the title or share image for a webpage you've already posted to Facebook, for instance, use this tool to make sure it displays correctly.

Facebook's Text Overlay helps make sure you don't get penalized for using too much text in paid Facebook ads. Use this to double-check that your image contains less than 20% text.


Action Network is a robust and unabashedly progressive digital organizing platform. Action Network is free to start using, and it's our most-recommended platform to start building a powerful mass-email program. It doesn't cost anything to create a basic petition, survey, or letter writing campaign through Action Network. Advanced features that automate processes and improve campaign branding are available at affordable monthly subscription rates.

WatershedShare easily generates direct share codes for social media posts. Just plug in the webpage you want to promote and the Facebook post, tweet, email, Pinterest, or Tumblr content you want your supporters to share.

Bulletproof email buttons is a simple tool for creating call-to-action buttons. You can choose between three different button shapes and customize the button's color, size, and border. Then just copy the HTML code to use in your email or on your website.

Button Optimizer is another button creation tool with even more customizable features. You can change the font and font size, add shadows to make the button look 3-D, and include small icons like arrows. Then save the button as a PNG file or copy the CSS code.

Other Handy Resources:

Progressive Calendar is a crowdsourced list of major anniversaries and holidays that might be relevant to progressive organizers. Keep abreast of events you might want to peg content to, from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire anniversary to Endangered Species Day.

Asana is an excellent project management tool that helps keep your team organized and on task. The free basic version is great for simple task management and content calendaring.

BuzzSumo is a paid service with a free seven-day free trial, but the free preview can be helpful. It quickly identifies the top five highest performing pieces of content on a website by social shares.

Don't know where to start? We’re here to help. Schedule a call with the ACM Strategies team today to learn how we can help transform your big ideas into a winning digital strategy that achieves your goals.

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