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How to: Approve an acm Request for Facebook Page Access

Step 1

Start by logging into a Facebook account that has administrator access to the Facebook Page and navigate to the Page settings (pictured below). Please note that your Facebook interface may look different than the examples below, however, the approval process is the same. Click on "Settings."

Step 2

Once in "Settings," scroll down and click on "Page roles."

Step 3

Scroll down until you find the section titled “Pending partner requests.” If you do not see this section, please let a member of the ACM team know. Otherwise, click the button labeled “Respond to Request” that will appear next to "ACM Strategies."

Step 4

Click the button pictured below to confirm ACM's access to your Facebook Page. 

Step 5

To finalize the approval process, click "Approve Request." You may be asked to reenter your Facebook password after this final step. 

Step 6

Confirm with a member of the ACM team once you've approved our request for access to your Facebook Page.

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