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EVOLVE with purpose

If your organization or staff is changing, we know you don't have a moment to waste.

We built our Transition & Training package for times when you can't afford to lose momentum.

Here's what it gets you and your team:

  • Everything you don't have time to worry about? We'll handle it. Our team of digital organizers and communicators will pick up where staff left off to maintain and improve your ongoing campaigns.

  • Two 30-minute training calls per week. You bring questions, we bring expertise. You can use this time for us to train up new staff via screenshare, or to tap into our knowledge to make your programs even more powerful going forward.

  • You get to lean on our decades of digital experience. We'll answer your questions pertaining to digital strategy tactics, and set you up on the right path to achieve your biggest goals.

We know that, especially for small organizations, times of staff transition can be make or break. We're here to support your progressive mission and keep you on the right track.

Fill out the form to get started. We'll contact you to set up a free, 30-minute call.

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