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Nonprofit Liftoff

A five-week program that will take your organization to new heights
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Nonprofit Liftoff is ACM Strategies' program for leaders of early-stage nonprofits. Nonprofit Liftoff gives leaders the tools to:

• Stop wasting valuable time and money on strategies and tactics that don’t work.

• Build a grassroots base of donors and activists that impresses grantmakers and helps you cover costs.

• Lay the groundwork for growth in the years ahead.


• Get back to doing what you love and helping the people you’ve set out to help.

How It Works

Nonprofit Liftoff is a multi-part program. Here's what participants get:

Enrollment in a five-week online course that gives you the tools to realize your nonprofit’s true potential. The course is specifically designed for professionals who are starting or running their own nonprofit.

Access to weekly office hours with our nonprofit experts. We’ll be available to answer any questions that come up for you as you work to implement what you learn.

An invitation to our private Facebook group where you can chat openly with other nonprofit professionals who are dealing with similar challenges.

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Enroll Now

Ready to get started? Please use our calendar tool to book a time that works for you for an introductory call. It’s important to us that everyone who enrolls will get value from Nonprofit Liftoff. On this call, we'll talk about what you’re working on and your goals.

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