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3 Things to Preschedule for After Election Day

We get it, if past election years felt like running a marathon, then 2020 feels like running an Ultra Marathon! It’s natural to want to take a break — you and your team definitely need it. But make sure to schedule some content before you log off to recharge. You don’t want to hit the snooze button on your social media accounts while you rest.

Here are some ways for advocacy organizations to keep the momentum going after Election Day:

Convert Social Media Followers to Email Subscribers

Did you grow your social media following during the election cycle? Great! Don’t leave new audience members hanging — give them things to do to keep them engaged. The best way to plug new supporters into your work is to get them onto your email list. You can invite supporters to join your email newsletter with multiple pre-scheduled social media posts while you and your team recover and regroup.

Brag about your work

You worked hard this year. Now it’s time to show off what you’ve done. A lot of your organization's most important work might happen behind the scenes, but the wins that you are able to share publicly you should be shouting from the rooftops. We all need good news this year, so if you have some, your social media and email audiences will want to hear about it!

Make the fundraising ask

The first quarter of the year can be slow for fundraising in a good year, but when coupled with the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, the impact to your budget could be even greater. Start 2021 financially strong by making an intentional fundraising push now to ensure the money comes in the door.


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