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How to Get Over Your Anxiety About Making a Fundraising Ask

Do you feel awkward when you have to ask for money?

At ACM Strategies, we specialize in building movements by turning people into activists. That means we often work with leaders who got into their work to fill an essential need. If you were brought into campaign or advocacy work because you're following a deeper purpose or calling, fundraising might not come naturally to you. And that's OK!

But money is an essential tool. You simply cannot fulfill your mission without it.

In our experience, leaders who don't have a development background can be some of the best fundraisers once they get over their initial discomfort.

So if you feel uncomfortable trying to fundraise, try this language shift:

Instead of asking for money, ask for resources to do A and B, which will help X number of people.

Specificity about your work *in the ask* helps get your message — and your enthusiasm for the mission — across without desperation or seeming "salesy." This approach takes the focus away from YOU and puts it back on The Work.

You're the very best person to talk about why you do what you do and why it matters. When you're fundraising with honesty, specificity, and passion, you're giving other people a tangible way to make the world a more just and equitable place. For those of us who often feel overwhelmed or helpless about the news or political circumstances, that opportunity is a gift.

If you're ready to scale your marketing and fundraising work so you can sustain essential programs AND do things like take paid time off, we can help. Book a free, no-risk strategy call with us to get started.


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