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Labor Day, gratitude, and where we started

For a lot of us, Labor Day is time for gratitude.

I'm grateful for the leaders and organizers who ensure that Labor Day isn't just a day for nostalgia. I'm grateful for the workers who are fighting to raise wages, hold billionaires and corporations accountable, and ensure the country is the kind of place we all want to raise our children. And I'm grateful for the trust many of these leaders and organizers have placed in our company and team.

ACM Strategies was launched five years ago with the focused goal of supporting organized (and organizing) workers. As Janus v. AFSCME and other potentially devastating cases were making their way through the courts, I wanted to make sure folks were thinking creatively about the future of the American labor movement. I wanted to help workers and leaders stay on offense by replicating and expanding upon successful strategies.

ACM Strategies has changed since then — we're a growing team and we now offer our services to like-minded nonprofits, coalitions, and advocacy groups. But our support for working people remains at the core of everything we do.

Today, the American labor movement has the kind of potential we haven't seen in decades. Union approval is at a near 50-year high, and young workers are increasingly unwilling to work in unsafe, unstable, or poorly compensated jobs.

We've helped our clients use this often challenging political moment to inspire and energize long-dormant activist communities. We've worked with our clients to educate decision-makers about innovative policies that would benefit both businesses and employees. We've helped expose the wealthy villains behind cases like Janus, and successfully inoculated workers against the lies. We've helped change the media narrative about anti-worker "think tanks," and we've ensured that the financial backers and legislative allies of these groups are no longer able to operate in the shadows.

These aggressive, offensive efforts keep us hopeful.

We are grateful every day for the opportunity to play a part in helping workers win.

Happy Labor Day.


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