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When You Don't Have Time to Lose

A lot of organizations are seeing a huge shift in employees lately as people change jobs or move on. When your team is in flux, it can be easy to fall behind on vital projects. Times of transition can be make or break.

Here’s an example of how our expert team at ACM Strategies helped a client do more than just maintain the status quo during a time of transition and competing priorities, but instead come out stronger than ever:

When the leadership of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) booked a call with us, they didn’t know how our team could help, they just knew they were overwhelmed and that something needed to change – fast.

In the course of a month, two members of NPH’s small staff would be moving on to new jobs. As excited as they were for their colleagues, the leaders knew their current team would be stretched thin trying to maintain essential fundraising and communications programs WHILE working to hire new full-time staff members. They knew they couldn’t afford to spend time treading water, or worse, falling behind on their goals.

We listened to everything that was happening and came up with a solution: Our expert team wouldn’t just maintain their online fundraising, actions, social media, and email programs, we’d spend two months doing a deep dive and making them stronger than ever. In the meantime, we’d also help NPH train their newest staff member to take over and use our strategy as a launching pad for continued growth.

With ACM Strategies on board, NPH leadership had the time and peace of mind to direct their focus where it needed to be. For them, that was launching and successfully executing a full rebrand.

In the following months, the strategy we created helped NPH continue to grow and achieve success on some of their key policy initiatives. The team member we trained continued to grow in their role.

Whether or not you have digital and communications professionals on staff, sometimes you need an assist to achieve your biggest goals, figure out where your resources will go the farthest, and lay the groundwork for future success.

If your organization can’t afford to waste any more time in a standstill, we want to talk to you now. Use our calendar to set up a free, 30-minute call.


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