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One Thing Every Organization Should Be Doing Right Now

As a digital strategy and communications expert, I don’t often get to make a sweeping recommendation that applies to every campaign and organization.

My team works with advocacy organizations, issue-focused nonprofits, PACs, coalitions, labor unions, and candidates. They all have different needs and priorities and operate in different ways. But I have one broad, universal recommendation for all of them right now.

Here’s the tip: Collect opt-ins. Get people to proactively consent to being contacted by your organization via email AND via phone. Prioritize this every day, whether at in-person events through announcements and sign-up sheets, through paid media, or through organic digital content.

Don’t have a staff member trained to send email? Collect opt-ins anyway.

Not planning on texting people anytime soon? Collect opt-ins anyway.

Build your opted-in lists of phone numbers and email addresses with kindness, respect, and legal compliance in mind and do it early.

There is no better way to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of your work than building an audience you can message on your terms.

Not sure how this looks for your campaign or organization? My team and I can help. You can book a free strategy call at this link to talk through the specifics.


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