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Do these 4 things after every election if you want to build a lasting movement.

We made it through another election season! I wanted to share this quick post-election to-do list — too often, we see organizations skip these steps and suffer the consequences down the road.

Here are the four things you should do after every election if you want to build a lasting movement:

1️⃣. Celebrate your victories! One of the biggest mistakes advocacy organizations make is not publicly celebrating their wins. Celebration is an essential part of building a sustainable movement! Significant achievements are outstanding, but incremental progress is also worth celebrating — systemic change rarely happens overnight. 2️⃣. Say thank you in a meaningful way to everyone who has supported your mission. Don't skip this step. 3️⃣. Reflect on the data. Too often, visionary leaders are pulled from one fight to the next. While things are still fresh, learn from and document what went right and what you need to do better next time. 4️⃣. BREATHE! If your vision of a better future inspires your work, it can be hard to take a break. Consider this your reminder to intentionally pause and make time for yourself to restore and recover in whatever way makes sense for you.

Not sure what all of this looks like for you and your organization? We can help you build a movement that lasts longer than one political cycle. Schedule a call with our team today.


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