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How To Start The New Year Off Right

We made it to 2022! The last few years have flown by, and it’s already an election year again! We’re ready to get you started and to get a jump on all things 2022. Let’s hit the ground running so we can have a fulfilling and successful year.

Define your goals for the new year

First, your organization needs to start by defining what your goals will be for 2022. Are you trying to win a campaign? Increase activism in your issue area? Expand your organization? Now is the time to figure all of this out so you won’t fall behind as the year progresses. Having clear goals is important so you can determine your target audience and engage in a successful communications strategy.

Plan out your digital strategy

Once you select your goals, the next step is to set your strategy. In this tech-driven age, your digital strategy is not only vital but the key to success. From advertising to social media, planning out these elements early can help get your campaign off the ground and in the right place for 2022. Election years get busy for everyone, even those not doing direct electoral work. Do as much leg work and planning now so you are ready when the busy season hits.

If you work in nonprofit fundraising, you might have to get more creative and adjust your fundraising timelines to avoid donor fatigue. When you plan out your year from the beginning you can avoid crunch times like quarter end when you are competing with lots of political entities.

Be ready for change

This year, we anticipate more Facebook ad targeting changes and more social media regulation when it comes to political content and misinformation. As it’s an election year, there’s also a possibility that there may be more social media ad bans around election season. While we don’t know what that looks like yet, it’s a good reason to make sure that your email and mobile programs are in order and that you’re bolstering them early in the year, in case you have to rely on them more later in the year.

Determine resource needs

From new staff to help keep everything running smoothly during this busy year, to donors that will fund your campaigns, it’s time to figure out what resources you’ll need for the upcoming year. As you set lofty goals you may start to realize that you don’t have all the resources you need to reach them yet. Don’t worry, by determining this early in the year you still have plenty of time to get where you need to be. In fact, we offer a Training and Transitions package to make sure your organization doesn’t fall behind during the onboarding of new staff.

Celebrate your wins from 2021

It’s natural to want to hit the ground running in the new year but there’s value in taking time to review the previous year. Be sure to prioritize time to reflect on your successes from 2021. It’s important to take a step back and acknowledge accomplishments. Not only can you learn critical lessons for building power in the future, but burnout is real, and you never know when reviewing a list of the great things you and your team have done will get you through the day! The work you do is important, and you are a valuable asset to your team.

Not sure where to start in 2022? Book a free strategy call today with our experts to help get you started.


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