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Must Reads: Our Most-Viewed Blog Posts

For the last few years, our expert team has shared free ideas and best practices here on our blog. If you have a few minutes to catch up on reading this season, we highly recommend starting with a few of our most popular posts.

Here were our five most-viewed blog posts of 2022:

Digital Blackface: What It Is, Why It’s A Problem, And How To Avoid It - Digital blackface is the commodification of Blackness on social media by non-Black individuals, and it can take many harmful forms. We are all responsible for doing our own research and thinking critically about the media we consume, distribute, and produce. While images of Black folks and other people of color are often not shared by white allies with nefarious intent, digital blackface is the result, not the intention. If you maintain social media accounts personally or professionally, this post is a must-read.

Giving Trends By Generation - Philanthropy has long been associated with privilege, power, and wealth, but younger generations don’t see it that way — they have a much more inclusive view of philanthropy. As you consider sustaining and growing your fundraising efforts, it’s important to understand why younger donors give and what they are looking for in the organizations they donate to. Here’s how to make your cause more appealing to Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z.

Dos And Don’ts: How To Get Journalists To Pay Attention To Your Cause Or Organization - Read a journalist’s perspective on how leaders and advocates can be more effective at press outreach: One of the most frustrating truths about journalism is that just because something is important, doesn't mean it will be considered newsworthy. Luckily for advocates, there's also this truth about journalism: The definition of "newsworthy" can shift dramatically depending on which reporter, editor, or outlet you're talking to — and more importantly, how you talk to them.

Progressive Icebreakers For Your Next Zoom Meeting - While we can’t eliminate your video work meetings altogether, we can help you make your next video meeting more engaging. With this in mind, we’ve created a shortlist of feminist and progressive icebreakers for you to ask at your next Zoom meeting. First shared in 2020, this list still gets a lot of views.

Five Things To Do When Your Engagement Numbers Are In A Rut - All of a sudden, your messaging isn’t resonating, and your emails, mobile messages, and ads seem to be falling flat. Your strategy hasn’t changed — it’s just no longer getting the results you’d come to depend on. You’re starting to worry about hitting your goals or being able to fund the programs and initiatives you’ve committed to. It can be incredibly disheartening to see drops in engagement. We put together this list of five steps to take when your metrics are down.


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