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The Enthusiastic Teenage Activist Test

Don't engage in digital tactics you wouldn't want your grandmother subjected to.

⬆️ ⬆️ My industry colleague Josh Nelson recently posted this excellent rule of thumb on LinkedIn.

Writes Josh: "(We) sometimes get so caught up in metrics, tactics and technology that we lose sight of the fact that real people are on the receiving end of the emails, text messages, ads and other digital content we put into the world… Would you send an email to your grandmother guilt-tripping her to donate? I doubt it.”

As someone who understands that “dollars raised” is just one of many metrics that matter when it comes to improving policies and outcomes, I love the idea of a Grandmother Test.

👉🏼 I also propose the Enthusiastic Teenage Activist Test. If you're lucky enough to get the phone number of someone who could be involved in building your big-picture movement for the next 50+ years, is it worth sending them a message that will prompt an instant unsubscribe today?

Don’t misunderstand me: Grandma and that Enthusiastic Teenage Activist DO want updates from you.

They want transparency, clarity, gratitude, and community, and they want you to give them a way to channel the emotions they’re already feeling into meaningful action. 💡

THOSE are the kind of digital programs my clients are building. We’re raising money, but — more importantly – we’re earning votes, creating a culture of giving, and building sustainable movements for change.

If that's the kind of digital program you need, let's talk.

Photo by @speralta98 on Unsplash


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