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The Top 3 Email Branding Trends of 2022

If your personal inbox is full of promotions, alerts, and newsletters that you can’t remember signing up for, you’re not alone. According to Litmus, more than 10 billion emails were sent worldwide in 2021, and this figure is expected to grow by an additional 14 billion emails in 2022. Besides this sheer number of emails, brands are struggling more than ever to obtain accurate metrics of subscriber email engagement since Apple’s recent IOS 15 update. It’s going to take a lot more than data to keep your email program in good health. So how do you make your brand’s emails stand out among the hundreds of notifications a recipient might see each day and avoid a bee-line to the spam folder?

We have taken a look at the most notable email trends of 2022 that are sure to catch your readers’ eyes and strengthen your brand messaging.


Using bold text is old news, but has taken a new form in font distortion. Words in unconventional sizes and formats draw the reader’s attention to important messaging. It’s also a step in preventing a recipient from briefly skimming your email without developing a lasting impression, one of the common downfalls of email programs.

Emails using this tactic typically use distortions for lighthearted phrases and play-on-words that engage the reader right away, even if they’re not directly related to the content at hand. Making an initial impression that keeps the recipient scrolling is the first step of effective messaging.


A static body of text is a surefire way to lose your busy subscribers’ attention. Instead, disrupt their expectations by allowing them to physically engage with the email by scrolling down to reveal an image, swiping through dynamic slides, and including gifs and animations. These immersive experiences prioritize interaction, making a strong impression that will help the reader enhance their focus on your email instead of mindlessly staring at it.


Establishing a personal connection is more than simply using your recipient’s name. Giving each customer a unique experience will immediately capture their attention. This can include visuals that show their donation history and previous actions, which can be helpful in converting first-time donors and encouraging repeat contributions and actions. Regardless of the format, personalization boosts loyalty by creating a direct connection with the recipient.

It can even go beyond personalizing to the recipient; several brands have broken typical email barriers by adding a personal touch from the sender to help the recipient remember that a real person is behind the screen. Tactics like including “Sent from my iPhone” in the footer of an email, writing copy in a way that sounds more conversational or like a text message, or adding a photo of the sender in the signature line can make your message hit a different note for readers.

When it comes to branding, emails are an incredible tool, allowing you to interact with recipients, cultivate loyalty, and convey crucial information that prompts readers to act. Inboxes are flooded like never before and attaining metrics is increasingly challenging, so cutting-edge emails are key to staying one step ahead. While data is important, effective design and tactics keep subscribers engaged and programs healthy, ensuring that they look forward to receiving, reading, and acting on your emails.

If you’re looking to make the most of your email program by staying ahead of the game, we can help. Use this link to book a free strategy call with one of our experts.


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