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Tips For A Successful Giving Tuesday

If the phrase “Giving Tuesday” makes you want to toss your computer in a lagoon and head for the hills, you’ve come to the right place. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that has grown more and more popular in recent years, allowing nonprofits across the world to connect with donors and raise funds. But if you’re a nonprofit development or communications professional, Giving Tuesday might also be a source of tremendous stress. Here are some tips to help you get started with your Giving Tuesday planning.

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Why participate?

In 2021, Giving Tuesday donations totaled $2.7 billion in the U.S. – nearly a 40% increase since 2019. Giving Tuesday has only grown since its inception, with no signs of slowing down. If you’re already fundraising throughout the year, shouldn’t your organization benefit from the biggest giving day of the year? Even with a bare-bones strategy in place, your organization is likely to get at least a few donations here or there – but the goal, of course, should be to use the day to attract new donors and inspire repeat donations. All it takes is some planning.

Now what?

So, you’ve decided to participate. What’s next? Make a checklist of all the things that will need to be set up in order for you to have a successful and stress-free Giving Tuesday. Is your website up-to-date? Is there an easy form for online donations? Have you thanked your existing donors recently? What about a physical address, so that donors who are less comfortable giving online can mail a check? Now could be a good time to talk to an existing donor or two and find out how their experience with your organization has been. Get their feedback and see how you can improve the experience for new folks coming in the door!

Start planning

You need to decide how you will reach your target audience. Figure out who your donors are and how you can best connect with them (email? social media? a combination of online and offline communication?) Find out where this audience is naturally online and what form of communication works best for them. Make sure you have a solid plan for receiving and acknowledging the donations that come your way. And of course, set a goal. Make sure your donors know what they are contributing toward, both in terms of the outcomes (what their donations will make possible) and the total that’s needed.

Mistakes to avoid

There will be no shortage of opportunities to hop on new trends or participate in flashy competitions that offer large grants for votes or likes. But your efforts on Giving Tuesday should be focused on your mission and raising as much money as possible toward that mission. Don’t let the slim possibility of “going viral” distract from priorities. Other potential Giving Tuesday mistakes include soliciting donors you haven’t thanked, or expecting that Giving Tuesday will raise your whole annual budget. Make sure your goals are realistic to avoid disappointment.

Let’s get started

Ready to get started but don’t want to go it alone? Set up a call with our team of experts. We’d love to help bring your Giving Tuesday vision to life.


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