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Connecting With Gen Z

It’s graduation season, and as more and more members of Gen Z graduate, get jobs, have disposable incomes, and have the agency to spend their own money and time as they wish, it’s important that your digital programs reach them where they are online and in ways that resonate.

When it comes to philanthropy and activism, connecting with Gen Z (the generation born between 1997 and 2012) differs from previous generations. Gen Z consumes content primarily online and through social media, as opposed to previous generations that primarily consumed content through printed materials. Giving trends vary from generation to generation, and it’s vital that you’re properly targeting your audience in order to see successful stats. The oldest members of Gen Z are now 25, and beginning what could be lifelong commitments to the social and political causes they care about.


Gen Z is socially conscious, and that is reflected in the work they choose to do. Gen Z is increasingly choosing careers that align with their social values — not just by the prestige of the organization. Almost two-thirds (63%) of Gen Z feel it is very or extremely important to work for an employer that shares their values.

Activism is important to Gen Z as they follow in the footsteps of millenials and seek to rectify issues and bring light to injustices. In the 2020 presidential election, 1 out of 10 voters eligible to vote was part of Gen Z. With each passing year, more of Gen Z is becoming eligible to vote and is showing up and showing their support for changing policies and advancing justice.

Raising Money from Gen Z

Gen Z grew up with technology and smartphones, so it makes sense that digital giving is the primary way Gen Z donates. Leveraging mobile giving via platforms like Venmo, Apple Pay, GoFundMe, and CashApp is essential to the success of your fundraising when it comes to Gen Z. Whether it’s testing your website for mobile responsive design, having a text-based fundraising program, or just widely sharing links to your fundraising platforms, it’s important that you have digital giving options that are fast and easy.

If your organization is just starting out and needs help laying the groundwork for successful fundraising, our team can help. We work with organizations of all sizes. Use this link to set up a free strategy call with our team to get started.

Reaching Gen Z

Gen Z users are overrepresented on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. If your organization does not have a presence on these platforms, you may be missing out on a source of revenue and the opportunity to engage a new generation of activists. Utilizing social media also broadly increases your reach — when you have a successful social media strategy, people all around the world can get involved in your mission.

As more Gen Z Americans reach adulthood, it’s increasingly important that you are getting your message out where Gen Z will see it and in ways that will resonate with them.

If your organization is struggling to connect with the right people, we can help you find and reach your unique audience. Book a free strategy call today.


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